ANO Center for Strategic Initiatives FMBA and the Kremlin Stars Charitable Foundation signed a cooperation agreement

Nikita Igorevich Odintsov, Director of the FMBA Center for Strategic Initiatives Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, and Vitaly Nasedkin, President of the Kremlin Stars Charitable Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing areas that affect the well-being of the population and the quality of life of citizens.

By agreement, the parties confirmed their mutual intention to consolidate efforts in order to create conditions for the successful implementation of joint programs, including the implementation of the commercial potential of the latest developments of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, the creation of an emergency service for the delivery of medical and biological materials using unmanned aerial vehicles, and the introduction on the domestic market. and organizing the export of medical and pharmaceutical technologies.

Recall that the ANO “CSI FMBA” was created as a result of the reorganization of the Medical Chamber of the FMBA of Russia, one of the main goals of the organization is to promote the latest medical products and technologies developed at the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, projects in the field of digitalization.

In turn, leading specialists from various fields of knowledge, who have the knowledge and experience necessary for successful cooperation on joint venture projects, who successfully implement projects in Russia and abroad, take part in the activities of the Kremlin Stars Charitable Foundation.